The 高级学校's balanced, rigorous 课程 prepares students to achieve success at 顶尖大学 in a wide array of academic fields.


SS 学生 in McIlroy CenterShady Side Academy 高级学校 serves a coed population of approximately 480 high school students in grades 9-12, 日间及登机. 十大网赌平台推荐130英亩的校园 is located in the Fox Chapel suburb of Pittsburgh.


Following a proven college preparatory 课程, our students immerse themselves in h和s-on learning opportunities, 参加大学水平的课程, 和 establish meaningful relationships with faculty mentors. We take a 21st-century approach to learning; rather than rote memorization 和 st和ardized test preparation, our students learn by conducting reSearch, writing persuasive arguments, 批判性思考, honing their study habits 和 managing their free time – all skills they will need to succeed in college.

十大网赌平台推荐的 two newest academic 设施 take STEAM education to a whole new level!

McIlroy Center for Science & 创新    格里姆彻科技 & 设计中心


十大网赌平台推荐的 commitment to a balanced education means we offer a breadth of 艺术体育运动 opportunities, supported by top-notch 设施. 学生 can also explore their passions in more than 50 different 学生俱乐部, such as Science Olympiad or service learning. Many students travel the world through our global 和 off-campus programs whether in one of four international exchange programs or as a Parkin Fellow.

Cultivating Respect 和 Leadership

The mutual respect faculty 和 students have for each other is exemplified in our culture. We believe students have a voice 和 deserve the opportunity to 引领 与老师, 和 they serve as voting members of our academic, admissions 和 discipline committees. 教师 advisors meet weekly with their advisees, 和 teachers 和 students converse while walking around the quad or enjoying lunch together. We are a close-knit community, grounded in our five Guiding Principles of honesty, 善良, 责任, 尊重与安全.


Approximately 15 percent of students participate in our 登机的程序 一周五到七天. Whether 玩ing studying together in the dorms or exploring Pittsburgh on weekends, boarders gain 责任 和 independence, preparing them for college life.


十大网赌平台推荐的三个全职 大学辅导员 ensure students find a place where they will thrive. 十大网赌平台推荐 校友 实现在 顶尖大学 和 find success in a variety of professions around the world.

生命中的一天 of the 高级学校


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十大网赌平台推荐的三个全职 大学辅导员 maintain relationships with college admissions offices around the world 和 share their expertise with families during regular one-on-one meetings, ensuring students find a place where they will thrive.